FOR THE PAST 9 YEARS, this vision has become a reality. Everything and anything that ZESTWAY has done that has alllowed for the productive growth through networking and the selling of artwork has brought you here! This very page consists of why ZESTWAY is charging 225$ per commission. 

For the past 9 years, from 2012/2014 up until 2022, ZESTWAYS artwork has increased in value by 25$ per year. 

ALL COMISSIONS under the price of 150$ require full balance to be paid upfront.

ALL COMMISSIONS above the value of 150$ can be split into 50% due upon commision request and the remaining 50% due upon completion of the assignment.

ALL COMMISSIONS above the value of 550$ require e-signature and/or hand written signature. After signed contract, Seal of approval/Notary stamp will be provided upon legal review between ZESTWAY and ZESTWAYs Lawyer(s) to ensure confirmation and approval of transferable funds for artwork.

IN 9 YEARS ZESTWAY has only had a total of 3 people refuse to pay upon complettion of artwork. Due to the fact that this craft not only provides for ZESTWAYs family, and beloved dog Bruce Banner, every request should be treated as business and business alone.

Dissapointment is RARE 'round here.